Chili Oil

  Chili oil; for a Malaysian girl like me… it goes on everything. On a good day I should have almost seven different hot chili concoctions in my fridge. Here’s how I do it.   Ingredients: 5 star anises 3 tbsp szechuan peppercorns (do not use black peppercorns- it’s not the same) You’ll get the
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Orange Chicken

      This is an east west fusion that I made with mixing orange chicken recipe with beets and parsnips. The fusion is amazing especially with the hot pepper sauce and the sweetness of the parsnips. The tanginess of the lemon and orange juice blends in all the flavours together.     Ingredients: 2

Seaweed Salad

      Hero Shot Justification “I layered this set with an old recycled wooden board contrasting with blue tableware. I added the black sesame seeds, green chopsticks, light green kohlrabi and celery to the set to add balance and colour. The raw ingredients show what the salad is made up of. The chopsticks redefine

Malaysian tom yum goong

  Ingredients: 5 cups shrimp broth (boil the prawn shells and head in water and strain them) 3 lemongrasses pounded 2” galangal (lengkuas) sliced 10 Kaffir lime leaves 4 red Thai chili pounded 1 sweet white onion sliced thickly 1 cup coconut cream (santan) 2 tbsp sambal (this can be Thai or homemade sambal) (my

Malaysian Char Kway Teow

CHAR KWAY TEOW (Stir fried rice cake strips) A true and tested Malaysian delicacy. If you want to make this dish you have to include certain ingredients like the belacan which I normally incorporate into the sambal. The ingredients for the sambal includes garlic, shallots, red chilies and belacan, slow cooked until it thickens. Substitute

Death by Kaya

      Kaya Mmm… mmm… Kaya originates from the Southeast Asian region. It is a sweet spread made out of white sugar, eggs and coconut milk. The must have main ingredient amongst other things are the (pandan) screwpine leaves. In Malaysia my mum would send us kids into the neighbor’s yard to grab a