Malaysian tom yum goong

  Ingredients: 5 cups shrimp broth (boil the prawn shells and head in water and strain them) 3 lemongrasses pounded 2” galangal (lengkuas) sliced 10 Kaffir lime leaves 4 red Thai chili pounded 1 sweet white onion sliced thickly 1 cup coconut cream (santan) 2 tbsp sambal (this can be Thai or homemade sambal) (my

Sauerkraut and Meatball Soup

                For the meatballs 2 cups minced pork 1 spoon uncooked rice salt/pepper a little dill and Italian parsley     The rest of the ingredients: 3 clove garlic diced 1 onion diced 1 celery stalk diced 1 carrot chopped 2 large potatoes cubed 7 cups water 1
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