Nasi Hujan Panas – Rainbow Rice

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                  Rainbow Rice Literally means: Nasi-hot Hujan-rain Panas-hot – Hot rain rice or Rainbow Rice.   In Malaysia the heat can reach up to 36°C. It will rain when the sun is shining and glaring. It is now that you will see a rainbow or two in

                    As a Malaysian I usually have all the ingredients in my freezer and pantry. If you don’t, just make a run to the Chinese grocers and you’ll have them ready for cooking at any time. It’s easy to do this soup. Now you can enjoy

                  Hi everyone. This is the recipe for Malaysian roti canai. It is an easy recipe to make. Please don’t let the youtube videos of roti canai flipping deter you from trying this recipe. You don’t have to flip it in the air. There are other ways

Malaysian Telur Bungkus

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  Scroll to the bottom to see all the pictures. I was introduced to different versions of this recipe in Pulau Pinang (Penang). I lived there for two years and had a great time discovering new Malaysian food and places. It’s also where I truly learned to make authentic assam laksa. I was born and


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  Sunflower Sourdough Loaves   White Sourdough Pumpkin with pumpkin seed Sourdough Monkey Bread  

Make the curry paste ahead and you’ll have a delicious, easy, exotic dish to wow your family and friends. Red curry chicken Ingredients: 4 chicken breast or 1 chicken cut into 8-10 pieces 2 tbsp oil 3 tbsp curry paste or more (see recipe below) ½ cup to 1 cup water or you can use

Malaysian tom yum goong

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  Ingredients: 5 cups shrimp broth (boil the prawn shells and head in water and strain them) 3 lemongrasses pounded 2” galangal (lengkuas) sliced 10 Kaffir lime leaves 4 red Thai chili pounded 1 sweet white onion sliced thickly 1 cup coconut cream (santan) 2 tbsp sambal (this can be Thai or homemade sambal) (my

Malaysian Char Kway Teow

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CHAR KWAY TEOW (Stir fried rice cake strips) A true and tested Malaysian delicacy. If you want to make this dish you have to include certain ingredients like the belacan which I normally incorporate into the sambal. The ingredients for the sambal includes garlic, shallots, red chilies and belacan, slow cooked until it thickens. Substitute

Kuih dadar (Malaysian crepes)

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Ingredients: Batter 2 cups thick coconut cream from the can 1 cup juice from a bunch of pandan (screwpine leaves) strained or screwpine leaf essence 2-3 cups water 2 eggs beaten 4 cups flour 1 tbsp salt 1 tsp baking powder dissolved in ¼ cup water ¼ cup coconut oil   Method: Mix the coconut

Briyani Masala Powder

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Briyani masala Ingredients: 7 bay leaves 2 tbsp coriander seeds 1 tbsp cumin seeds 1 tbsp caraway seeds 3 mace blades 2 (3”) cinnamon sticks (not cassia, get the real cinnamon) ½ a nutmeg seed 1 tsp cloves 3 star anises 10 green cardamom 1 black cardamom (break it) 1 tbsp peppercorn 1 tsp fennel