Malaysian tom yum goong

Saturday, 04 November 2017 by

      Ingredients: 5 cups shrimp broth (boil the prawn shells and head in water and strain them) 3 lemongrasses pounded 2” galangal (lengkuas) sliced 10 Kaffir lime leaves 4 red Thai chili pounded 1 sweet white onion sliced thickly 1 cup coconut cream (santan) 2 tbsp sambal (this can be Thai or homemade

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Malaysian Char Kway Teow

Sunday, 29 October 2017 by

  Char Kway Teow (Stir fried rice cake strips) A true and tested Malaysian delicacy. If you want to make this dish you have to include certain ingredients like the belacan which I normally incorporate into the sambal. The ingredients for the sambal includes garlic, shallots, red chilies and belacan, slow cooked until it thickens.

Kuih dadar (Malaysian crepes)

Tuesday, 17 October 2017 by

  Ingredients: Batter 2 cups thick coconut cream from the can 1 cup juice from a bunch of pandan (screwpine leaves) strained or screwpine leaf essence 2-3 cups water 2 eggs beaten 4 cups flour 1 tbsp salt 1 tsp baking powder dissolved in ¼ cup water ¼ cup coconut oil   Method: Mix the

Briyani Masala Powder

Monday, 16 October 2017 by

   Briyani masala Ingredients: 7 bay leaves 2 tbsp coriander seeds 1 tbsp cumin seeds 1 tbsp caraway seeds 3 mace blades 2 (3”) cinnamon sticks (not cassia, get the real cinnamon) ½ a nutmeg seed 1 tsp cloves 3 star anises 10 green cardamom 1 black cardamom (break it) 1 tbsp peppercorn 1 tsp

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Canadian Thanksgiving Dinner

Sunday, 08 October 2017 by

  This is my Canadian Thanksgiving dinner. I make all of these from scratch. It serves twenty-five people who have a sit-down dinner and there’s still plenty leftover.   Brined, roasted, fall off the bone turkey Turkey Gravy Cranberry sauce with red wine Cornbread Stuffing with white wine Cabbage coleslaw Potato salad with codfish Smoked

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Coconut Chutney

Monday, 02 October 2017 by

The coconut chutney is an Indian chutney which is eaten with dosa and idli. It’s a versatile dip that goes well with pakoras, vadas, badjis, uppuma or, anything else you might want to dip into it.   This is an easy version of the recipe. You will have fast and perfect coconut chutney every time. No

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Dinner Rolls

Sunday, 01 October 2017 by

  These dinner rolls can be made with a starter or yeast. There are pros and cons to both method. The one using the starter takes longer but tastes better. The one using the yeast proofs faster and is easier for beginner bakers.   Utensils needed: Bread machine or dough hook with mixer Square pan

Authentic French Canadian Pea Soup

Saturday, 30 September 2017 by

  I got this recipe from Uncle Donald. His mum a French Canadian; this is how she made it for him. Ingredients: 2 cups yellow whole peas soaked overnight 1 ham hock or bacon piece 1 tbls savory 1 tbls thyme 2 bay leaves 1 medium onion chopped fine 1 clove garlic chopped 1 medium

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Chicken Pot Pie

Saturday, 30 September 2017 by

Filling ingredients: 2 tbls butter mixed with ¼ cup flour – keep aside 1 tbls cornstarch mixed with ½ cup milk – keep aside   1 onion diced 1 carrot diced 1 celery stalk diced 1 huge potato cubed 2 cups raw chicken diced, mixed with 1 tbls Worcestershire sauce and seasoned with salt and

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Fried Mee Hoon

Saturday, 30 September 2017 by

My kids call it skinny noodles. This is Malaysian fried noodles that is eaten for breakfast, as a snack or for tea time. Everyone is always eating something in that country. I am a 7th generation Malaysian so I know Malaysian food. Now I am a proud Canadian. As a Canadian you gotta eat this

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