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Author reading to second graders at an Oakville elementary school.

School visits for author readings are free in Oakville, however, an Honorarium is greatly appreciated. And, books can be purchased at a discounted price.

Security Clearance will be provided.

Please contact me for dates by e-mail or via the form below.
I’ll be more than willing to do a reading to my young audience.


Dear educators,

I write for children because I adore them. Teaching and nurturing them is always a pleasure.

After each school visit I come out feeling a few years younger. Children are full of positive energy and astounding curiosity. I can teach a child anything from reading fluently to thinking critically; a gift I would like to share.

Reading sessions include – watching the book trailer to get the kids excited, reading the book, showing the illustrative process from rough sketch to the final pages, explaining the writing process, from idea, proofreading, grammar, spell checking, editing and lastly, the Q&A session which is my favourite part of the reading presentation. This normally takes about half an hour to forty-five minutes.

Workshop presentations encompass the idea of writing a captivating story leading towards the publication of the book. The students will be involved through a lively and interactive process of creating a children’s book as a writer, illustrator and publisher. The kids will be educated and have fun at the same time.

Children will be able to design and “read” the book cover and understand the importance of the copyright page on a book. We will plot and write a story together as a class. Design the cover and bind the book. Each child will take home his or her own book which they made. We will also put together a one-minute book trailer by means of a skit.

The reading and workshop presentations can be tailored and adapted to suit the students’ need, interest and age group, as I’m open to your suggestions.

We can do a detailed portion of the process or an overview of the entire publishing process. At the end of the interactive workshop, the children will leave incredibly informed and knowledgeable than when they arrived.

I look forward to visiting your school and leave with a lasting impression.
Thank you!



Story Time at the The Centre for Education & Training

Gawri was invited to read Bunica’s Tomatoes during the Story Time (Special Event). The kids loved the story time and enjoyed the interaction with the author. At the end of the reading session they spent time coloring some of the characters from Bunica’s Tomatoes.

On behalf of The Centre for Education & Training, I thank the author for reading this beautiful book to our CNC children. Bunica’s Tomatoes has lovely colorful pictures. The best part of the story is that it is easy for the preschoolers to understand. We had a varied age group today and all the children enjoyed the story. The author successfully captured the children’s attention during the storytelling session by her wonderful interaction with the kids. Thank you, Gawri for a great experience.

Sofia Najam (RECE), CNC worker at The Center for Education & Training

Newcomer Information Center

Bunica’s Tomatoes was read in our childcare center by the author. Thirteen children were present. They listened attentively to the author. They showed their interest by asking questions and pointing out details in the book. They shared their experience on planting with their grandparents and how they enjoy the juicy and tasty tomatoes.

Liljana Jordanova (RECE), The Center for Education & Training

Newcomer Information Center



(Ontario only. For other regions please contact the author.)

Venue Schools, Libraries, Recreational Centers for young people, Summer Programs Schools, Libraries, Recreational Centers for young people, Summer Programs
Target Audience JK – grade 3 Grades 1-8
Topics Covered – Book introduction
– Interactive book reading with the kids
– Explaining the illustrative process
– Q&A
– Critical thinking, imagination and visualization
– Writing stories
– How to get rid of writers block
– Illustrating a children’s book
– Designing a book cover
– Book trailers (for interested older graders)
– The content and format can be adapted to suit the age group.
Equipment Requirements – Wi-Fi
– Smart board or overhead
– Flipchart, markers
– Tables and chairs
– Wi-Fi
– Smart board or overhead
– Flipchart, markers
– Tables and chairs
Rates – $225 – 1 hr.
– $400 – 2 hrs.
– $600 – 3 hrs.
– $700 – Whole day
– $225 – 1 hr.
– $400 – 2 hrs.
– $600 – 3 hrs.
– $700 – Whole day

Outside Greater Toronto Area a kilometrage fee of $0.50/km applies.
If you are considering a reading or workshop for a school that is located outside of Ontario, please contact the author for details.

Book Sales:

– Books can be bought and autographed, photos with author.
– Children will receive a surprise package to take home.
– Q&A to wrap up the session

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