“Bunica’s Tomatoes is an all too familiar story of a plant growing from a seed into a majestic fruit-bearing tree. The story is set in a rustic Transylvanian village where time is preserved. A six-year-old girl witnesses the growing process with her three-year-old brother, as told by their watchful, yet loving and fun grandmother. The
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The coldest month of the year!

Does this picture conjure up longing memories of a warm day at an island beach? In fact, this picture could have been easily taken on a tropical beach. This is Lake Ontario, yesterday. If only the water was clean and warm… So February turned out not to be so cold after all. We broke records
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St. Nicholas Day

“Tommy ran to the kitchen. He dropped his mum’s pan and toppled a chair. He had gathered his rag and shoe brush. Next he ran to the mudroom. “Tommy, what are you up to?” asked mum. But Tommy was too busy cleaning his boots. He cleaned it and brushed it until he could see his
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  When to take the offer and when to run with the money.   A client of mine was ecstatically over the moon when a publisher offered her a deal to author three books. That is until she received the contract to be signed… I get a call from her in the middle of the
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                            10 tips on how to acquire and conduct a successful school visit. This posting is intended to the would-be successful children’s author who is trying to make it big in the wonderful world of self-published children’s books. It’s another form of
                Why self-publishers should be in the know about self-publishing. Don’t go fishing if you are not ready to seriously publish.   I like to call myself a WASPE, acronym for a WRITER, an AUTHOR, the hardworking SELF-PUBLISHER and the savvy ENTREPRENEUR. There are two kinds of people:
          Why it’s important to have one and not need it. Don’t be afraid of contracts. They are there for a specific reason, saving you money and time. I love contracts. It’s imperative for self-publishers to work around a copyright agreement, especially when outsourcing their projects. Make it a point to

How I made my book trailer for $5.

The first signs of spring     I like to keep up with the times and I’m all for new things and positive changes as such, when I heard of book trailers I  couldn’t wait to do one myself. I have the ability to learn anything and surely I can do it myself.  However, there
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Winter Magic Newsletter

My WINTER MAGIC newsletter is out. I hope that you’ll find it informative and fun. If you have not subscribed yet, please go to the HOME PAGE footer and join the list at the bottom. Thank you for your encouragement and support in making my books a success. Return here and let me know what
How to entice your audience with author branding?   Just as you would brand your company with a logo, brand yourself with a logo. Think about a popular company like Google, ask what this company’s brand represents? The same goes for you as a writer and the self-published author.   How do you want your