Tom yum paste

                  Ingredients: 4 lemongrass stalks sliced (in Malaysia I’d use only, only three inches of the white part from the base of the lemongrass because we had a huge lemongrass bush. My dad would cut it short all the time, to keep it compact. Other times, he’d

Mother’s Day

  It’s May 7th; the weather… rather dingy. “What’s an active pup to do on days like this?  This is my pup, Nico. I call this picture “Nico Teddy.”   “What’s a writer supposed to do on days like this?” My herb patch is peaking trying to get a glimmer of the stingy sunshine. The
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Lovage and Tarragon

  Lovage The almost forgotten and underused aromatic herbs!   Why wouldn’t an herb enthusiast or a vegetable gardener not grow these herbs in their garden? They are’nt an evasive species. They stay put. And a little is all that is needed to spruce up a soup or a potato dish. Lovage’s only crime is
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Cottontail bunny

  They are everywhere in my neighbour. Mrs. Fox, don’t you have hungry cubs to feed?     Wednesday morning July 15th, the day after the torrential downpour… I had cleared my deck of all debris. I put on my gloves and decided to scout my side yard for any fallen branches. Just than, I
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Garden Tool Basket

  A garden basket Do you constantly find yourself strolling along your garden admiring all your hard work? Just when you were about to take a mental picture of a bouquet of flowers you notice the bouquet needs deadheading.   If only you’ve had that gardening gloves and pruner handy.   I’m one of those
  Soak the  avocado pit in water for one week. Change the water everyday.   At the end of the seven days get three toothpicks and pierce the avocado pit in three places.     Pay attention to the bottom and the top of the avocado. The bottom will look like below.   Place the

How to enjoy life.

    It’s April 21th, the weather; disappointing. My herb patch would normally be brimming with one-foot tall lovage, a couple of rhubarb pies already in the making and the apple tree ready to showcase its’ majestic apple blossoms. So much said for the weather this year. The heater is still on; winter-jackets falling off
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The Artist’s Paint Cart                         Has your creativity heightened from a necessity or desperation? Imagine if you could take an old item and turn it into a reusable new furniture. It happened to me on Saturday; the result, a paint cart. For the longest
            Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the best multitasker of them all … It’s a fact that women look at their faces more than men. First thing in the morning to apply makeup, last thing at night to remove makeup and every now and then to touch up.
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 Happy New Year all!   I’m a meticulous organizer. I love making the to-do list and crossing off the done deeds. That’s how I manage my busy day- to-day schedule. Every year I write down a list of New Year resolutions that I strive to achieve for that year. As most of us, some years