An old golden book.   Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines nonsense as, “words or language having no meaning or conveying no intelligible ideas; language, conduct, or an idea that is absurd or contrary to good sense; an instance of absurd action. Nonsense has correct grammatical composition and spelling; however, the words are not put together in a
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  It is free to dream   I can dream… of anything, I do not want to take my dreams to the grave; I will achieve them while I can, I will leave my legacy, my name, and my success.   I can be whomever I want, I can be a swashbuckling princess of a
  When to take the offer and when to run with the money.   A client of mine was ecstatically over the moon when a publisher offered her a deal to author three books. That is until she received the contract to be signed… I get a call from her in the middle of the
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Autumn in all its glory!

The arrival of fall showcases mother nature’s best colours. Imagine her swirling in all her glory with silky hair of gold, yellow, orange, red, purple and green.   Amazingly after an incredibly hot and gorgeous summer, full of sunshine, I am ready for a cool down.   Mind you, the fall decorations have been up

Lovely Book

    This blog is dedicated to all my fans. Ever so often I receive a letter or email from my fans and this one found its way into my binder of appreciation.   “Hello Gawri, Just finished reading “Bunica’s Tomatoes” (borrowed from Oakville Public Library, Woodside Branch). First childrens’ book I read in many
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  Why every Canadian author should know the significance before publishing with CreateSpace?   My book is on amazon. Wow, that’s great but which amazon because I really have to know where it’s listed. Does it matter anyway? I’m Canadian you see and listing my book solely on has its drawbacks to my Canadian

What is Copyright?

    A client in the UK called a US copyright office wanting to purchase a copyright contract; or so they thought.   Client: “Hi, I have an idea for a dating app I want to copyright, would you be able to help me do this?” Office: “We can show you the process and send
                  Ever had writer’s block for the longest time? Started pppppppppresing the letters on the keyboard and deleting them one at a time? “I don’t know what to write. I don’t feel like writing?” Some people have their own remedy for curing writer’s block.   We are
                            10 tips on how to acquire and conduct a successful school visit. This posting is intended to the would-be successful children’s author who is trying to make it big in the wonderful world of self-published children’s books. It’s another form of
                Why self-publishers should be in the know about self-publishing. Don’t go fishing if you are not ready to seriously publish.   I like to call myself a WASPE, acronym for a WRITER, an AUTHOR, the hardworking SELF-PUBLISHER and the savvy ENTREPRENEUR. There are two kinds of people: