It is free to dream – A poem by Gawri Manecuta

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Elegant White Swan

It is free to dream


I can dream… of anything,

I do not want to take my dreams to the grave; I will achieve them while I can,

I will leave my legacy, my name, and my success.


I can be whomever I want,

I can be a swashbuckling princess of a vast kingdom,

Or a laser pointing CEO in a boardroom of minions,


It is free to dream,

I can dream of anything,


This morning I was a stallion leaping over canyons,

Tonight I will be planet hopping with alien warriors,

I can be successful in everything I do, yet fail when I want a challenge,


If I can think, I can imagine and I can dream.

No one can stop me; no one needs to know, my dreams are my own,

I may sound crazy: but I can dream of anything,


It is free to dream

I can dream of anything,


I can live in new countries and speak animal languages,

I can gossip with birds and sing with the whales,

Or have high tea with enchanted creatures,


Dream, dream, dream … like you have never before,

Did anyone not tell you, it is free to dream?

Your life begins with your dreams,


It is free, to dream.

– A poem by Gawri Manecuta


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