The trials, tribulations and triumphs of self-publishing

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“Bunica’s Tomatoes is an all too familiar story of a plant growing from a seed into a majestic fruit-bearing tree. The story is set in a rustic Transylvanian village where time is preserved.

A six-year-old girl witnesses the growing process with her three-year-old brother, as told by their watchful, yet loving and fun grandmother.

The little girl anxiously waits for the moment when the harvest can be enjoyed. The child’s awe and wonder spill from every page of this vibrantly colourful and highly detailed illustrated children’s book.

The passing of the seasons, nature’s life cycle and the plants’ unabated evolution, are all captured attentively—with each page uncovering new wonders for readers to discover.

This story ends with a strange magical twist where creation is revealed in an unlikely, yet charming way.”


In fact, the last page of the story is left to the reader’s interpretation.



At last year’s Royal Winter’s Fair, the Toronto Mayor mentioned that, “Kids thought that food was grown behind the grocery store” … I remembered why I wrote this story and how important it’s message is to me.


I reflected upon my own experiences such as, growing up in Malaysia with an environment unsuitable for planting, then visiting Romania where I discovered mountains full of life. Eventually, coming to Canada where I am now a little backyard gardener.


It seemed to have worked because people of all backgrounds and ages, are able to resonate with this story at many different levels.

In a modern world driven by technology and far removed from the outdoors, our children will soon believe that all sustenance comes from the supermarket in nice packaging.

Adults are also becoming dependent on food machines, evading their connection to Mother Earth.


What we lose in the world of today’s child, is lovingly, creatively and uniquely reintroduced in Bunica’s Tomatoes. Where a grandmother uses nature’s miraculous powers to turn a handful of seeds into large, luscious heirloom tomatoes.


This story acquaints the children to where food really comes from in a refreshing way. It inspires them through a “magical” rustic tale of a grandmother’s love for gardening and her grandchild’s view of the elements.


As an advocate for self-sustainability I strongly believe in nurturing children to respect nature. By simply planting one seed, one can experience the wonders of Magna Mater and make a difference in the world we live in.


If every child planted one seed in a pot, watered and nurtured it until it rewarded the child in the form of a fruit, what a fulfilling, wonderful, unearthing, and revealing discovery it will be for that one child.


This will be the child’s bite into a lifetime of education with a sense of contentment, gratification and above all realization.


Bunica’s Tomatoes was reviewed for the Blue Spruce Award in 2014 and is available at your local library.

It is a great book for children from JK to Grade 3. The story has also resonated amongst older audiences who have cherished their time gardening with their parents and grandparents.


It has been four years since I published my first book with all the trials, tribulations and eventually the triumphs of publishing a book.

My sincere appreciation to all my readers and fellow writers. Thank you for your kind support.



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