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Mirwag Inc. and Self-Publishing

Mirwag Inc. – The publisher of “Bunica’s Tomatoes” and “Feast For A Nation” works with a number of talented and serious illustrators, graphic artist, web designers, proofreaders, copy editors and printers.

Presently, Mirwag Inc. is publishing Gawri Manecuta’s books.  We’ve not undertaken the task of publishing for other writers. Please do not send in any manuscripts. However, we can help you publish your book yourself, cost effectively and in a professional manner.

“We love to work with decisive people.”

If you are serious about self-publishing, then you have come to the right place.


Self-Publishing Consultation

With a little guidance you can self publish. You can do all the work and reap all the rewards.

We will show you the way.


Self-Publishing Assistance

Do you want to get published faster?

Our talented team can assist.