Fun At My First Book Fair

by / Sunday, 02 June 2013 / Published in News and Announcements

Yesterday, I was thrilled to participate at this year’s Niagara-on-the-Lake Public Library Bookfair.

The fair was part of the Niagara Literary Arts Festival, which runs throughout June, with events held at various venues throughout the region. Check out the NLAF website for other great literary events.


I loved the fireplace with the cozy reading area.  It’s the perfect place for reading to a child, especially during the cold winter months. I am sure that I will return.


The library is housed in the astounding Niagara-On-The-Lake Community Centre, built just two years ago. In addition to the library it also provides conference rooms, a café (where the fair was held) and ample parking.

This was my first book fair and it went tremendously well. I went prepared, armed with my usual smile, personality and eagerness to meet everyone. You can’t do much by sitting behind the table, and that’s just what I didn’t do. I think it’s only courteous to greet passers-by and be as approachable as you can.

My idea with the “Reading Chair” worked wonders. Everyone who sat in that chair and read Bunica’s Tomatoes either to their child or to themselves purchased my book. Some even purchased Bunica’s Tomatoes for a friend’s child. I just wish there was more traffic – maybe the storm outside was to blame for a lower attendance than in previous years.

I begged my kids to accompany me and one agreed to tag along. My beautiful daughter who is also an artist drew in some crowd simply by sketching away.


While my husband was busy chatting with Susan’s husband Ray, I was up and about promoting Bunica’s Tomatoes and people loved it.

I had lots of fun and met some very interesting people.


Thank you Susan, Sylvia and Jordan for such a warm welcome to your wonderful library and to NLAF.

Last but not least, a big Thank You to everyone who purchased Bunica’s Tomatoes. I hope you enjoy reading it.

It was a great experience and I will do it again.

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