St. Nicholas Day

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“Tommy ran to the kitchen. He dropped his mum’s pan and toppled a chair.

He had gathered his rag and shoe brush.

Next he ran to the mudroom. “Tommy, what are you up to?” asked mum.

But Tommy was too busy cleaning his boots.

He cleaned it and brushed it until he could see his reflection in it…

For tonight, is the eve of St. Nicholas Day.


For the good kids, boots filled with candies, chocolates, fruits and nuts,

A lump of coal, wooden spoon, and potatoes for the bad ones.


Tommy was almost sure his little sister would get a lump of coal for throwing up on him the other day. He knew she didn’t mean to but still it wasn’t a nice thing to do, he thought.


At night, his boots were shined and placed at the door. And what do you know?

His boots and his sister’s were filled with goodies from Old Saint Nick.”



The day of St. Nicholas, the patron saint of children is celebrated in every Romanian household.


Children polish their shoes and leave them on the doorsteps.

St. Nicholas who is popular with children visits their homes and fills the boots of the good children with goodies.


Happy St. Nicholas Day little children and the big ones too!


It’s a special day to everyone named after St. Nick – including my pup Nico.



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