Illuminate my words (Illustrators Paint A Horror – Part 2) Do you know that the word illustration is derived from the Latin word illustrate meaning to make clear or to illuminate? Out of desperation I designed and created Bunica’s Tomatoes’s cover and illustrations. I’m glad I took control and fixed the situation. A good illustrator

Illustrator Horror Story 1 -March 2012 I approached a graphic designer buddy of mine and asked him if he could illustrate my book. He was excited and agreed upon a fee and he promised to do the illustration in two months. He said it was going to be a breeze. My friend took the liberty

I want that book mommy!

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On July 6th I had the pleasure of attending the Romanian Summer Festival, an annual event organized by the Ontario Romanian Canadian Association (ORCA).  This year’s event was held at the Romanian Park in Freelton, ON.   The outdoor stage was set, the picnic tables were dressed with blue, yellow and red tablecloths and the smell of Romanian

I still get calls from people desperately asking if they can purchase an ISBN from me due to time constraints. I quickly tell them to do the application online. I’ve made it very clear in my first blog a couple of months ago that the ISBN is FREE in Canada to Canadian writers and publishers.

Fun At My First Book Fair

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Yesterday, I was thrilled to participate at this year’s Niagara-on-the-Lake Public Library Bookfair. The fair was part of the Niagara Literary Arts Festival, which runs throughout June, with events held at various venues throughout the region. Check out the NLAF website for other great literary events. I loved the fireplace with the cozy reading area.  It’s the perfect place

Mother’s Day Busy

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Let me begin by saying, I don’t have time for mother’s day …   “If I had to do it again, I would ask for the same old mom, The one and the only mom, who has been there for me, Thank you mummy, from the day I was born, To the day we will

I have always been writing. After the birth of my children, my writing intensified. As usual with the demands of raising a family, I put my dreams on hold. I kept telling myself one day I’ll publish my books. Time was running out, and I was not getting anything published. One day, I met a friend

Hello everyone, I am so excited to let you know that my first children’s book – “Bunica’s Tomatoes” – is now available for purchase! The book can be purchased directly from me or via this website – HERE.  For your convenience, the book is also available for purchase on AMAZON.CA. Bronte folks – thank you for

Do you want to learn more about self-publishing, “Bunica’s Tomatoes” – my first published children’s book, or Mirwag Inc.’s upcoming events? You’ve come to the right place.  I would love to hear from you – whether it is about “Bunica’s Tomatoes”, this nifty website, or self-publishing, in general.     Blog Topics My blog will