Interesting! While pondering upon an idea for my next posting… my supportive husband sent me the link below…“It popped up on Google news this morning… might interest you, a possible subject for your blog.” I’m not a scientist, nor am I a child psychologist however, I would like to contribute

          Why it’s important to have one and not need it. Don’t be afraid of contracts. They are there for a specific reason, saving you money and time. I love contracts. It’s imperative for self-publishers to work around a copyright agreement, especially when outsourcing their projects. Make it a point to

How I made my book trailer for $5.

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The first signs of spring     I like to keep up with the times and I’m all for new things and positive changes as such, when I heard of book trailers I  couldn’t wait to do one myself. I have the ability to learn anything and surely I can do it myself.  However, there

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 Happy New Year all!   I’m a meticulous organizer. I love making the to-do list and crossing off the done deeds. That’s how I manage my busy day- to-day schedule. Every year I write down a list of New Year resolutions that I strive to achieve for that year. As most of us, some years

Christmas Tree

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The tree that chose us.

In the spring of 2002 a terrible thing happened to us. It was the same spring when we had bought our first dream  house. My husband had seen his colleagues being let go and was kind of anticipating the job-cut. With this in mind  we set out to purchase   our house. Then, in April

Winter Magic Newsletter

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My WINTER MAGIC newsletter is out. I hope that you’ll find it informative and fun. If you have not subscribed yet, please go to the HOME PAGE footer and join the list at the bottom. Thank you for your encouragement and support in making my books a success. Return here and let me know what

How to entice your audience with author branding?   Just as you would brand your company with a logo, brand yourself with a logo. Think about a popular company like Google, ask what this company’s brand represents? The same goes for you as a writer and the self-published author.   How do you want your

You’ve written a book. Now, how do you proofread and edit your creation cost effectively? As a self-publisher you have to take on many responsibilities like proofreading and copy editing your manuscript. There’s a big difference between the two. Proofreading can be done by almost anyone with a good understanding of spelling and grammatical structure

Let’s make meaningful business connections!     The first “annual” École Pine Grove School’s Marché took place on October 2, 2013 and was hosted by the Parent Council, coinciding with Meet the Teacher day.   Taking place in the school gym; it’s purpose to bring the community together to showcase the community’s skills, talents, products

Death by Kaya

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Feast For A Nation – Thanksgiving Cookbook   Well, I think it is only appropriate to post recipes on my blog because I am coming out with my cookbook soon titled Thanksgiving Cookbook – Feast For A Nation.   So, here is a little taste. Try something new this Thanksgiving. Kaya – means rich in

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