I want that book mommy!

by / Tuesday, 09 July 2013 / Published in Latest posts, News and Announcements

On July 6th I had the pleasure of attending the Romanian Summer Festival, an annual event organized by the Ontario Romanian Canadian Association (ORCA).  This year’s event was held at the Romanian Park in Freelton, ON.

With Iuliana from ORCA

Gawri and Iuliana Pacso, VP and Event Management Director of ORCA


The outdoor stage was set, the picnic tables were dressed with blue, yellow and red tablecloths and the smell of Romanian cuisine filled the air – a smell I am all too familiar with. My son eyed the mouth watering Savarina the moment it came out of the kitchen. Warmth and friendliness invited us as soon as we entered the community center.

I had donated five of my books for the raffle draw.  The highlight of my day happened on the stage, while Bunica’s Tomatoes were on display, waiting for the raffle draw. At one point a two year old, boy grabbed my book while casually walking on the stage and ran away with it. His mum snatched it back from him and put it back on display. 🙂

That’s when the other little kids gathered around my books as the two year old had to walk away. So cute!

So, even though I had sold two books, the biggest satisfaction was seeing my book enjoyed by the children.

Putting back the book

Mom returning the book, while her 2 year old son walks away


Kids checking the book

Kids crowding around my books


I had to leave before the books were presented. I hope the readers enjoyed it and are passing the message to other Romanians.

Yesterday I had my first interview having been interviewed by PULStv. I wasn’t nervous, but I didn’t know whether to look into the camera or at the interviewer. Normally, I am the paparazzi with the camera on someone’s face. You can check out the interview later this week at the PULStv website.

Thank you Felicia! It’s been a pleasure.

With Felicia from PULStv

Interview with Felicia Stepan from PULStv


I will be sure to come back next year with my family, wear my dancing shoes, and donate a few more books. It was a good experience. I grew up in a country with varied cultures and languages. As a child I wondered how it would be to live in a country where most of the people spoke the same language and had the same religion and culture. I experienced it when I first visited Romania many year ago.

My family and I have been lucky to experience the best of many cultures and I am glad to have taught my kids to embrace the best of their own cultures – European, Asian and North American. With so many unfortunate events taking place in the world today, we should all just enjoy the best things our cultures have to offer, while staying away from the negatives.

Thank you for the invitation Iuliana – great event! We had fun and we will return.