Mother’s Day Busy

Saturday, 11 May 2013 by

Let me begin by saying, I don’t have time for mother’s day …   “If I had to do it again, I would ask for the same old mom, The one and the only mom, who has been there for me, Thank you mummy, from the day I was born, To the day we will

I have always been writing. After the birth of my children, my writing intensified. As usual with the demands of raising a family, I put my dreams on hold. I kept telling myself one day I’ll publish my books. Time was running out, and I was not getting anything published. One day, I met a friend

Hello everyone, I am so excited to let you know that my first children’s book – “Bunica’s Tomatoes” – is now available for purchase! The book can be purchased directly from me or via this website – HERE.  For your convenience, the book is also available for purchase on AMAZON.CA. Bronte folks – thank you for

Do you want to learn more about self-publishing, “Bunica’s Tomatoes” – my first published children’s book, or Mirwag Inc.’s upcoming events? You’ve come to the right place.  I would love to hear from you – whether it is about “Bunica’s Tomatoes”, this nifty website, or self-publishing, in general.     Blog Topics My blog will