Canadian Thanksgiving Dinner

by / Sunday, 08 October 2017 / Published in Imagination, Nothing to Cook Blog

This is my Canadian Thanksgiving dinner. I make all of these from scratch.

It serves twenty-five people who have a sit-down dinner and there’s still plenty leftover.


Brined, roasted, fall off the bone turkey

Turkey Gravy

Cranberry sauce with red wine

Cornbread Stuffing with white wine

Cabbage coleslaw

Potato salad with codfish

Smoked turkey salad

Spaghetti squash with Alfredo sauce

Beets with cinnamon and cumin


Asparagus with aioli


Pumpkin pie

Pecan pie

Kaya in mini pumpkins

Butternut squash fries

Sweet potato balls

Apple fools – an apple pie actually, made with maple syrup, I call it apple fools because I bake it in the oven in a cast iron pan without a bottom crust and it is served hot from the pan with French vanilla ice-cream.

It is pretty darn good especially in winter.


Homemade breads


Onion and sage bread

Sunflower bread (sourdough)

Pumpkin bread (sourdough)

White bread (sourdough)

Nordic nut bread

Monkey bread


Thank you and happy thanksgiving.

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