Bindery printing is the way to go

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I still get calls from people desperately asking if they can purchase an ISBN from me due to time constraints. I quickly tell them to do the application online.

I’ve made it very clear in my first blog a couple of months ago that the ISBN is FREE in Canada to Canadian writers and publishers.


I can’t stress how important it is to be informed and educated when it comes to owning your own ISBN. Do the application online and you will receive the password information within a day. Library and Archives Canada is responsible for providing the prefix. Do the application under your name, your imprint or your company’s name to retain full control over your publication.

Refrain from buying packages that include ISBN from so called self-publishing companies.

You will be able to publish the same book using a different printer if the ISBN is yours to control.

I am a true self-publisher therefore, I have added the popular Writer Beware link to my website under “What is Self-Publishing?” Read it and be aware of the difference in the types of printing options that are available out there and build your confidence.


I print my books at a Canadian bindery. All they do is print my books. My husband and I shopped around for a good printer. We visited binderies, spoke to the people, looked at samples, compared prices and most importantly got to see the process and the bindery. Ask a lot of questions and understand the process. Make sure your books will be printed in the same bindery.

Don’t be deterred by someone else’s perception of you. You and you alone will decide the outcome of your publication. No one else will care but you.

I have a fantastic relationship with my bindery and I will always use them. I’m glad I could offer business to a Canadian company. Digital printing or press – either can be done at a bindery. Keep the price per book to a minimal $3.

This may include graphic work, illustrations, proofreading and printing costs.

Ask me how this is done.


Self-publishing is easy if you know exactly what to do.

The only downside to self-publishing is that you alone, have to do everything yourself. It can get lonely and scary at times. Then again, be prepared to fall and scrape your knees once in a while. If you don’t try, you will never know. You will have a story to tell and maybe even an adventure to write.

It’s worth the effort because eventually you will be proud of your achievements and the rewards that come to you.


Write it, organize it, print it, keep promoting it and enjoy the benefits. Ask me how I can help you.

Keep writing.

2 Responses to “Bindery printing is the way to go”

  1. Scott Lantry (Weaver, Chester & Tweed) says :


    I work for a publisher in the U.S. and, as a Canadian, I am opening a branch Office in Montreal.

    That being said, I do not know any printer/binders in Canada, and the company I work for prints high-end art books. Do you know of anyone I can start with?

    All the Best

    • Hello Scott,
      I visited many binderies, even asking for price quotes from some binderies in Montreal before printing my book.
      I printed my children’s book at a small bindery. They were by far the best in terms of providing information and pricing. They are worth every penny. They offer digital and offset printing with the best colors I’ve ever seen. My book turned out great with excellent colors.

      I’ve given the contact person at the bindery your information. You’re in good hands.
      Thank you.

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